The Vampire Mansion


Available in print and ebook by Fylatos Publishing, April 2014.

An inconceivably dark and well-kept secret makes Marcus search for the root of its truth. So, he sets off on a journey, where he will be confronted by his innermost fears. The road, like a labyrinth with multiple obstacles emerging on every turn, gives birth to more questions than answers, disorientating him from his original goal. Nevertheless, his thirst for knowledge helps him reach the epicenter, only to find out how far it is from what he had expected. The search for truth and, finally, the revelation, lay bare the very answer to the origin of vampires.

ISBN: 9786185123000
Pages: 152
Quality: Luxurious cream interior                                                                                                         Release date: April 2014

Order from your favorite retailer or from Fylatos Publishing 


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